Blueshift Collective: Where NFT Meets Creativity

Are you tired of the same old NFT collections that feature the same type of art over and over again? Look no further than the Blueshift Collective - a free and open NFT collective that celebrates individuality while still creating a cohesive collection.

The Blueshift Collective provides visual creators with a theme and graphical frame, giving them the freedom to interpret it in their own unique style. This approach ensures that each piece is as individual as the artist who created it. And, with each exhibition comes not only an NFT trading card, but also an original NFT curated by Blueshift.

But why stop there? The Blueshift Collective is more than just a platform for artists to showcase their work - it's a community. By joining the Blueshift Collective, you'll be part of a network of creatives who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of NFT art.

So, whether you're an illustrator, 3D artist, or just someone who loves to create, the Blueshift Collective is the perfect platform to showcase your skills and join a like-minded community. Join us and let's create something unique together.

Theme 01/ Alpha

The first theme is named Alpha. The Alpha theme could be interpreted really broad, e.g. the first thing, dominance, the first letter, the beginning of a new journey, etc. Inspired by this theme the Blueshift artist created 13 pieces of digital art, which were released as 100 collectible trading cards per artwork through the collection on Opensea.

How it works

Each theme comes with a graphical frame that empowers the themes concept. For the Alpha theme a square frame divided in two, creating a plus was chosen as a prerequisite of the basic composition. The end result of each art piece was made with this foundational setup, making the artworks in the exhibition consistent and coherent.

Exhibition 01 Alpha

With the spirit of old school art groups such as Evokeone, Depthcore, Intrinsic nature & Slashthree, Blueshift proudly presents its first exhibition, Alpha. The first step of a new journey where we hope to inspire a new generation with personal digital art.

Between zero and alpha by Theo Aartsma

Work inspired by the old American Indian tale of the black wolf (anger,fear,worry) and the white wolf (love, peace,calm). Showing the inner conflicts of life. The wolf looking at you represents awareness and the turning point of courage. You CAN choose which one you feed.

Alpha by Stop Rewind

A reflection of our attempt to capture our infinite complex reality through astronomical, biological and mythological narratives.

​​3, 2, 1, Fight! by Hervé Spycher

A trip back to the early days of gaming. The NES console was revisited with some die hard competitors. Who's going to get the advantage over the other?

Too much water by Theo Aartsma

Portraying the opposite of the artist block. In a vast ocean of ideas, the realization sometimes gets lost.

To be a king by Theo Aartsma

Who is the king? When can you call yourself a king? A definition is one thing, but is it reality? Is it black and white? You vs the rest?

You feel my (he)art? by Stop Rewind

Is AI generated art for digital artists the equivalent of what the camera was for traditional painters? Inspired by the Pinocchio story I wondered if AI art could be like a real boy. For this piece no AI was used only analog elements & 3d where used to emphasize on the question how much the process matters in the end.

Out of square by Theo Aartsma


Work as play by Stop Rewind

In 2019 my son was born and seeing him play spontaneously got me interested again in the idea of effortless play. I used his clay creations as a base of the collages.

Let’s play again by Stop Rewind

In 2019 my son was born and seeing him play spontaneously got me interested again in the idea of effortless play. I used his toys and creations as a base of the collages. 


Wormhole-hop by Arno Mulder

In the far (or maybe not so far) future where wormholes have been stable long enough, a travel agencies has organized this “Wormhole-hop”. An exciting journey through our galaxy’s main landmarks such as the brightest Alpha star, the Pillars of creation and many more. Not for the faint hearted though, it could still be a bumpy ride…

Theo Aartsma

It’s about me always wanting to do things alone (a solid closed cube). I’m trying to break this up and be more open. It’s learning me that more meaningful and interesting things happen this way (forming the + shape in the positive and negative space)

Divide by 

Kowabunga by Stop Rewind

In 2019 my son was born and seeing him play spontaneously got me interested again in the idea of effortless play. I used his toys and creations as a base of the collages. This got me interested again in my own old toys. I revisited this old friend from the 90’s. This one was for obvious reasons one of my favorites. Mixed it up with play-doh clay to make the waves.


To celebrate the first release Blueshift gives away the first 10 trading card NFTs of each artwork. DM or reply with your polygons supported wallet address on their Instagram or Twitter account and they’ll send you the trading card.

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