Brand Identity for yUKI TAKESHIMA

enhanced Inc. worked with Seekers Base Japan Corp on a beautiful and comprehensive brand identity project, it was a rebranding for yUKI TAKESHIMA, a global makeup artist providing makeups for celebrities visiting Japan such as Lady Gaga and Miranda Kerr, and plays an active role in collaborating with renowned cosmetics and fashion brands, and backstages of domestic and international fashion shows including Paris Collection. It is also a cosmetic brand that provides original products which emerged from her experience.

We found the solution in dynamic logo utilizing the initials of the name. As a result, the logo was created with a very unique and striking impression that does not fit in the status quo of a cosmetic brand, in which various highlight colors and patterns can be used, and the symbol shape also changes.

The contrast created by the highlight colors (or pattern) and the base colors represents "the beauty created by multiplying relative elements (polarity)". 

The beauty created by multiplying relative elements (polarity).

This new logo will be used accordingly from product sales channels such as websites and new products. Existing product logos will also be replaced accordingly.

Brand Identity


  • Client: LOOP.Inc
  • Management & Branding: Seekers Base Japan Corp
  • Creative art direction, Logo concept & design, Logo guidelines, Development support for new products, Web, Sticker, etc. : Hiromi Maeo (enhanced Inc.)
  • Portrait photos: Akinori Ito (aosora)
  • Product photos: Yoshitsugu Enomoto

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