Branding case submission - BELYSSE

The world of carpeting is vast and diverse, ranging from wall-to-wall carpet to creative carpet tiles. And one new brand has emerged, offering a complete solution for all carpeting needs. With six decades of experience, four sub-brands, and a strong commitment to sustainable flooring solutions, Belysse is leading the way in the industry. Let's take a closer look at how skinn branding agency created a unique brand identity for Belysse.

Belysse is a modern, mature, and elegant brand designed for people. Their brand strategy allows for the interplay between an international, main brand and four sub-brands, each with its own unique features and identity.

The naming of Belysse is both confident and elegant, with 'Lysse' paying homage to the river Lys - an origin of the flax industry. And the 'Be' radiating the self-confidence that this brand is here to stay.

Belysse's green colour palette reflects their sustainable focus, while the typeface is timeless, modern, and clear - just like the brand itself. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Belysse's visual identity is a blend of tech and emotion, with clean and pure imagery.

And when it comes to activation, Belysse is all about making a powerful first impression. They've introduced their new brand to a relevant audience with digital teasers, smart targeting, and clear content.

In a corporate world that can be reserved and formal, Belysse's warm, relaxed personality stands out. They allow their main brand and sub-brands to intertwine while also giving them the freedom to express their own unique identities.

At Belysse, the focus is on people - the passionate individuals who make innovative, sustainable products with the end user in mind. And that's exactly what their visual identity expresses. Welcome to the world of Belysse - where sustainability meets style!

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