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Spanish branding agency BBRAND shared a branding project that they worked on in renewing Catlike's international branding at all levels. Founded by cyclist José del Ramo in Spain 25 years ago, Catlike manufactures the best helmets for demanding cyclists. Innovation and new materials such as graphene nano fibers, which have revolutionized the cycling industry in the pursuit of safety but also lightness. Catlike has worked with the best cyclists in major international competitions: Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a España.

The sport of cycling is becoming more and more sophisticated and technical. The manufacture of any component is linked to technology and refined design. Branding is crucial to differentiate yourself and have your own personality.


To extend the reach of the Catlike brand, and reposition it as a relevant player within the cycling market, the strategic context and brand definition was set as the first step of the process. Instead of focusing on the tangible value, we worked on the intangible side of the brand: a lifestyle, a mindset, a personality, a community; with the objective of creating a brand culture that would attract new members to its team and its community of users.

After an exhaustive process, BBRAND defined Catlike's brand idea as "Premium manufacturer" and its positioning as "The different and unique brand", as well as the purpose, mission, vision, values, tone of voice and attributes.

“To visualize the brand idea, we focused on two main strategic pillars: 1. Origin, trajectory and recognition, and 2. When working on the symbol, we modified the silhouette of the cat's head into a dynamic shape reminiscent of its previous origin. The brand is completed with a typography designed specifically for the logo's composition. For the color palette, we kept orange and black as the main colors and added three secondary colors to distinguish the different types of cycling experiences.”

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