Fold Lamp Clever Industrial Design by Jaekyu Jung

Let me start this post by stating that I am a fan of IKEA. It might sound crazy, but for me they apply the Bauhaus principles to make design simple and accessible to all. Look at this industrial design project for the Fold lamp, a pendant light that is designed for the dining room by the industrial designer Jaekyu Jung. The fold lamp is made up of magnesium; the material was specifically picked to keep the weight down.

The concept started from a flat sheet of metal, the goal was to come up with a 3-dimensional solid object that is aesthetically pleasing and simple to construct.

The Fold lamp is made by a metal stamping process. A single flat metal piece can easily be turned into a 3-dimensional folded lamp. This idea can reduce the shipping expenses from international manufacturers. 

I made a bunch of rough paper prototype designs when I started this project

Industrial Design

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