A Window to the Past: Amazing Art Deco Posters by Mads Berg

Mads Berg is a Danish designer well known for his exquisite posters. His singular style is simply stunning. Check out the posters we have here and you will be hooked too. His incredible and bold art deco artworks will certainly take you back in time. Mads posters are elegant, colorful and stylish. The way he uses lines and curves delivers a modern take on the classic poster look. It is a beautiful combination of great illustration, type and shapes. In my opinion his images bring a certain glamour back to advertisement. It is a simple and elegant way of delivering a very clear message.

Exhibition Poster Series for Centrepoint Spacesuit Collection 18

Did you get a chance to watch the first look at Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong and the years 1961-1969 in the movie: "First Man". I thought this would be the perfect introduction for our feature of an Exhibition Poster Series for Centrepoint Spacesuit Collection 18. It's a collaboration between many talented artists including Ryan Atkinson, James Elgie, Rijin Kunnath and RODAS ®. Imagine the conventional spacesuit into a fashion collection, what do you think?

Typography Explorations for Posters by Fatih Hardal 

Fatih Hardal shared a really cool personal project on his Behance profile. The idea was to create posters where the main goal was to experiment with typography with colors, textures and simple effects like blur and burn effects. The result is a series of quite stylish posters that are definitely worth checking out.

Awesome Illustration for Movie Posters by Rafal Rola

Rafał Rola, a super prolific designer from Lublin, Poland shared an incredible post on Behance sharing some beautiful posters created in 2017. The posters are for movies like Blade Runner 2049, Justice League, Star Wars Last Jedi, Ghost in the Shell, War for the Plane of the Apes, Wonder Woman and many other super popular movies and TV shows in 2017. The highlight though, is the style. They all feel like oil and watercolor painted but it was all done digitally with Adobe Sketch, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Digital Art: Posterlad Poster Series

We are finally kicking off this week with a cool poster series entitled: Posterlad by graphic designer Vratislav Pecka from Prague, CZ. What caught our attention from this series is, first of all the progression from Vratislav's work especially from the last 15 posts (referring to his Instagram). We do enjoy when designers or artists take make the effort to create. The more you make, the more you will gain experience.

Beacon Relief Posters for Good

Marcio Gutheil is a Brazilian designer based in San Francisco, California.  He is also the creative director at Upperquad Digital Studio. They started this really awesome project called Beacon Relief. Beacon is a collaborative design project to raise money for disaster relief efforts around the world. All proceeds from posters purchases and gallery donations go to Direct Relief.

80s Throwback with Netflix's Stranger Things 2 Tribute Posters

How was your Weekend? Did you get to watch the anticipated comeback from the Netflix's Stranger Things 2 for their Second Season? I did, until the very wee hours of this morning so I can go to bed in peace. No spoilers will be revealed in this article! On ABDZ, we love the 80s! We decided to pay tribute to this series by sharing what they have released in the past weeks in tribute to the 80s as well. Let's take a look!

Poster Design: We Love Posters by Anagrama Studio

Poster Design, an expression of graphic design where I wish that will stay forever even though with things going even more digital. The mighty folks over Anagrama Studio do it so well and we are a fan of their work on Abduzeedo. Check out their latest work on posters entitled: We Love Posters, thank you for sharing the love. It's definitely a versatile collection filled different graphical treatment.

Poster Event & Graphic Design: Russell Shaw AIGA Atlanta 2017 Poster Show

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Artists) of Atlanta asked brand designer and art director Russell Shaw to contribute a promotional artwork for the second annual poster show. With the theme of “Art Director’s Cut II,” they would focus on the film- and movie-inspired poster designs contributed by designers All the proceeds from the event would towards AIGA's annual programming. Russell took this genuine approach with paper cutout designs and graphic design. The result is just spectacular. Don't you agree?

Graphic Design: a New Poster Collection Spring

Quim Marin has started a poster series that really should get your attention. With a combination of graphic design and probably 3d for the mockup presentation takes the whole poster to a newer level. Here's to somebody who probably got bored with the free presentation mockups that you can find online. His series is a beauty of playful colours mixed into a CGI set that just keep you from wanting more. Check it out and hope you like it as well.

Bad Neon - Poster Series

This poster series has a lot of great elements that we love on Abduzeedo, first of all we’ve always been fan of everything related with the word: neon. Posters always have been one of our first love of design way before everything went digital with UI, UX, Interfaces and etc.

Baugasm Everyday Poster Series

There is nothing more impressive than challenging yourself to create/make every single day. We are busy people with our lives, hobbies, etc and finding personal time to actually create needs lots of discipline and willingness to achieve. With those 365 days project, you have to commit for create 365 times, it’s not a small number.

Collection of Minimalist Poster Design

One of the reasons I got to design was because of posters, especially movie posters. It was part of my childhood going to the movies and while waiting checking the posters of the upcoming movies. I see a lot of that style for poster design coming back now because the 80s are again very trendy, the new Netflix show Stranger Things is a great example.

BAFTA Best Film Posters

British Academy of Film and Television Arts produced 5 posters for the nominees in the best film category of 2016. These posters were designed by Hungarian designer Levete Szabó which came up with a really nice double meaning design for these posters. Check them out! For more from Levete Szabó visit

Black and white posters

Posters are always a great outlet for designers giving us a canvas with fixed dimensions to explore different ideas, styles and forms. The purpose, of course ,is communication. Fabian Fohrer explores some really cool ideas on a series of black and white posters for a college project. I love how simple and bold some of them are, especially with the usage of just black and white. This is a selection of b/w posters arose the last year. Some are the result of university projects, some are personal works.

15 Awesome Movie Posters from 2015

2015 has been a great year so far for cinephiles everywhere, but there are still some great movies to come that will be the icing of this delicious cake. One of the greatest assets of a movie is its promotional poster. A great movie might have a horrible poster, and the opposite may be true: a horrible movie might have a great poster. So I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at some of the coolest movie posters from 2015. I know some of these are not official posters, but fan-made, but some are so good that I've made some exceptions.

Formula E Championship Posters

Dan Matutina strikes again with another awesome project where he illustrates for the Qualcomm Posters of the FIA Formula E Championship 2014-2015. The design direction was to use the country’s flag as the starting point for each poster. The flag elements are present in every layout without being too obvious. For more from Dan Matutina visit and

Wicked Graphic Design by Alexandra Turban

We've seen some great artists here along the years, and from time to time we get to find an artist that really shines. Graphic design is no easy game, even more when you're promoting something. Alexandra Turban, a German designer has a super sweet set of posters. Here you can see a bunch of her pieces. I really love these because they're so fresh and super beautiful. If I ever see a poster like these in the streets it would definitely have my attention and appreciation.

Poster Collection by Quim Marin

In this post you wills see an amazing poster collection by Quim Marin, a designer from Barcelona, Spain. His style is really simple, using shapes, colors, and typography these posters come to life with a really strong message. Enjoy! For more from Quim Marin visit, and

Screen Printed Gig Posters

In the digital world that we live in today, it's refreshing to see some original screen printed design. This awesome collection collection of screen printed posters created by British designer Bobby Evans. Enjoy! For more from Bobby Evans visit

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