That 90s Look is Coming Back - Design Across America Brochure

Melody Yung and Brett Lovelady shared a really awesome graphic design/editorial design project on Behance titled Design Across America. It’s a collection of product design created across America from the folks over at Astro. Melody and Brett say: “At the heart of all of Astro’s design is an American ethos. We recently put together a brochure to highlight projects with stakes all over the US, from Seattle to Detroit to NYC.” - personally I am not very familiar with the product, however, I would love to talk about the design of the brochure and how it could be part of our “That 90s Look is Coming Back” series. It seems to have all the ingredients, I will let you decide. At the heart of all of Astro’s design is an American ethos

Our collaborations with NYC-based American Kennel Club resulted in a smart-dog collar, brand and packaging that’s equally dog and people friendly. With our Seattle-based friends at Prolitec, we created the product, identity, and packaging for Aera, a unique fragrance station for the home. Our work with Detroit’s prolific Shinola led to a suite of power cords, a wall clock based on their bestselling watch, and a turntable (their first foray into the audio space).

90's Look in Editorial Design

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