Amanda Louisi personal brand & visual identity

Amanda Louisi is  an independent designer, focused on brand identity, with 15 years of experience. Much of that time, Amanda spent using a monogram that she developed and improved a few times. Through this small symbol, she had great opportunities for projects, gained recognition, made many friends and consolidated herself as a brand designer. “This symbol represented me as a person, more than a brand, for nearly 10 years. But now it doesn't represent me anymore” - says Amanda.

Nowadays, Amanda’s working style has become more mature and felt the need to have something timeless and flexible. She invited the type designer Thiago Bellotti to help with this change by drawing a new monogram and she couldn't be happier with the result: He really went beyond the briefing and made this logo a living brand as a variable monogram. Its design is organized inside a defined structure, however it can be customized without losing the recognition. 

So, it's perfect for my needs: it's timeless and flexible. Inspired by the new logo, I developed a new moodboard and a new visual universe that better represents my current values, style and experience. 

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