Brand Packaging Love - Fort Point Brewery’s Velo Cru Rye Witbier

We’re big fans of Fort Point Beer, a New American brewery founded out of San Francisco by brothers Tyler and Justin Catalana in 2014. Not only are their beers truly unique and delicious, we can’t help but fall for Fort Point's gorgeous bento box brand identity and creative. With the launch of their Limited Beer series we so appreciate the Fort Point team’s dedication to quality craftsmanship married with a bigger purpose. For example, their Black Is Beautiful limited-release beer was launched last fall to raise awareness + funds to help fight racial injustice. 

Our approach to our can lineup has always been “less is more” — not because we aren’t interested in other styles, but because at Fort Point, getting canned is the highest honor a beer can receive. The beers that make it into cans are the ones we’ve labored over, fine-tuned, and tinkered with the most to make sure they’re just right. - Head Brewer Mike Schnebeck

Velo Cru is the 4th beer in the series in partnership with Rapha Cycling Club, one of the world’s finest cycling brands. Velo Cru Rye Witbier is a twist on the Belgian Witbier style and uses spicy flaked rye and floral, berry-scented French Aramis hops. The result is a beer with a light, revitalizing finish and subtle red fruit undertones perfect for after the ride or any time you need to wet that whistle. The beer is being pre-released now on Fort Point Direct. And be sure to keep an eye out for this beautiful beer and can in a small number of bars and bottleshops throughout California in the next month.


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