Fresh Brand Identity for Uber Money

As you may have heard or not, the folks from Uber have introduced a while back, their own take on financial products and technologies that deliver additional value for the community. It's kind of their take at the Apple Card basically. Whatever you see a value or not, we are showcasing the brand identity work they shared on Behance. Designed by the Uber Design. If you ask me, I am not too fond of the use of 'gradient' on the physical card but I do appreciate how much they share in the process, like the 'playbook' for example. I think there is a definite value to learn from teams that change our daily life and continue to experiment with new things. Bravo!

Brand Identity

About Uber Design


  • Creative director: Peter Markatos
  • Lead brand designer: Braz de Pina
  • Art director, Brand designer and Project Manager: Kevin Funkhouser
  • Art director: April Larivee
  • Brand product design lead: Joan Pons
  • Illustration: Aldo Hernandez
  • Uber Product Design Team
  • Uber Creative team
  • Uber Payment Design Team
  • Typography by Jeremy Mickel

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