Calmaria minimalist artwork for your wall

I’ve been making some of the artwork we created on the site available as limited digital art for purchase on Etsy (only 100). There’s something about printed work that is different from just digital. Maybe it’s just my age and generation but if you’re like me, you can have some fun decorating your walls with some of the Abduzeedo exclusive artwork. This time I’m sharing a artwork inspired by the breathing app that I created called  Calmaria [ feminine ] /kɑʊma’ɾia/

In Portuguese it means calmness, tranquility, calm. It’s often used by seamen and surfers to indicate that there are no waves in the ocean. That mood perfectly translates to what this app intends to do, bring peace of mind and tranquility to your busy day to day life. Just breathe and relax.

This theme was the driver inspiration of a breathing application to help you relax ( and now we're bringing the same relaxing feel to your space. A simple yet calming artwork tor remind you to focus on what really matters, and most importantly, just breathe and relax.

We offer 4 different variations. The original color with white and black background and 2 additional variations, a monochrome and my favorite, the sand/pastel style.

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