Daily NFT Spotlight — Starkade by Signalnoise

Our good friend Signalnoise and his rad team is releasing their anticipated NFT drop titled 'Starkade' on on February 1st around 10PM CET. With 7000 NFTs with a potential 60m combinations, this will be a pretty rad drop especially knowing that the art is by the mighty James White who has been crafting this 80s style we all dearly love. We are looking forward to this one, I took the liberty to share some drop details. Make sure to check them out.

Some Drop Details

  • Price: 0.08 ETH (+ gas)
  • Public Sale on February 1st around 10PM CET (Flight List will be one day before)
  • 7,000 generated fighters – with over 60m potential combinations
  • Once your fighters are revealed – as well as their awesome visual traits – you’ll see their unique STATS: POWER, ENERGY, SPEED, DEFENCE, & CHAOS!
  • There will be an initial distribution of $MAGNA to ALL Legion hodlers and plenty of ways to use, and gain more $Magna in Legion arena and beyond.

We would like to introduce a new series titled: 'Daily NFT Spotlight'. For those, who remember this is an experimental shift from the popular 'Daily Inspirations' that we used to publish a couple of years ago. As you have probably noticed, NFTs are booming. We have been boiling up the 'Weekly Spotlight' and the 'NFTs of the Week' but they are so many projects, artists out there. With this massive avalanche, how about we rework the 'daily inspiration' into the 'Daily NFT Spotlight' where we would feature projects, artists that we would like to mention on a day-to-day basis.

Daily NFT Spotlight

Starkade by the '80s inspired artist Signalnoise where him and his team is bringing you 7,000 generated fighters – with over 60m potential combinations. Fighter NFTs will be stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Check out their collection over Starkade.com.

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