Designers and artists come together to spread the message - Stay Home

Day 18. I am starting to lose count, I would be totally transparent, yesterday it was a hard day to go by. Spring is here and you do miss the time spent outside, hanging out with relatives, friends, and colleagues. But we have the right reasons to stay inside, it's not easy but it's the right thing to do to stop the spread and actually save lives. To regain sanity, I enjoyed surfing on Dribbble and I couldn't help to put together this article for you all. Enjoy this initiative by designers and artists putting their art and design together to spread the message on this pandemic situation.

By Brad Cuzen

By Leo Natsume

By Nino Lekveishvili

By Elen Winata

By Hazal HIDIR

By Panic

By Sailor Johnny

By Rafael Serra

By Matheus Costa

By Lizzie Morgan

By Jacob Etter

By Brendan Keohane

By tubik.arts

By Alla Lopatkova

By Sourabh Barua

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