Forms + Shapes NFT Drop by Peter Tarka

When you think of Peter Tarka, it reminds of a true OG of 3D art. One of the pioneers who built this community for a long time and made sure of its longevity to what it is today; with the new era we are currently witnessing evolving. We have featured Peter's work countless times on abdz, it always has been unique and deeply inspiring year after year. Today marks another step for Peter as he is releasing his 'Form + Shapes' NFT collection. A total of 120 pieces where every single piece is unique and tells the story of Peter's journey. I had the honor to view the collection and have selected a few of my favorites to feature his incredible NFT drop. We would like to send our regards to Peter for this wonderful milestone, check out more of his collection on OpenSea.

NFT Drop


Peter Tarka is a 3D artist and Art Director based in London, UK. Make sure to check out more of his work at

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