Get Inspired by the Best Design Portfolios - June Edition

Hi! I’m Tobias van Schneider. I’m the co-founder of Semplice, a portfolio system for creatives. We’re teaming up with Abduzeedo to share inspiring design portfolios each month. Here we’ll curate the best online portfolios from product designers, design directors, digital designers, art directors and more – all created without templates using Semplice.

Adi Dizdarevic

We always preach showing personality on your portfolio, and Adi Dizdarevic does it well. His homepage greets you with an animated introduction, scrolling through “random facts” about himself. His case studies read like museum plaques, setting up his work in a sophisticated way. 

Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith’s homepage, complete with slick scrolling and hover animations, makes an immediate impression. His project pages are equally striking, each designed uniquely to complement the work.

Chris Cyran

Chris Cyran chooses a one-page approach for his portfolio, each image opening in a single lightbox. The fixed “C” on his homepage brands every piece of as you scroll through. I only wish we knew more details about his projects and the role he played in the work. 

Jill Southern

Jill Southern’s portfolio is poised and polished, with a large thumbnail grid on her homepage and clean, succinct case studies within. Her About page is straightforward as well, all of it working together to set a professional tone on her site. 

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