Illustrations for Demetre's Winter Sweet Menu

It’s a bit of an old project by Sean Lewis but I thought it was perfectly suited for ABDZ. During these pandemic times, we had to find ways to be more creative with our daily lives. I think we all did somehow. For my case, now I am currently living in Switzerland, I still remember the simple walks that I would take with the family especially early in the morning. And I remember having conversations with my oldest kid who never saw huge mountains covered in snow, and he kept saying that it looked like ice cream (being a huge fan of ice cream). That’s why I thought about sharing Sean’s work, the little but simple memories that goes through your mind. Life is simple and filled with opportunities to be remembered. Thank you Sean.


About Sean Lewis

Sean is a fellow Canadian (hi!) and is an illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. Make sure to check out his work for more illustrations via his Behance profile.

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