Incredible Soft Sculptures by Hiné Mizushima

I tend to think that craft artists don't have enough spotlight from the industry, those artists definitely need more exposure. That is why I will focus more on craft artists around the world that take their time beside their work to do things they love. Most of them bring their hobbies with so much passion to become their actual work. Many of them are doing so purely because of the love and dedication to the craft. So I stumbled across Hiné's works, and it's incredibly well made. The delicate details and choice of color almost cartoonish are so eye-pleasing. Do not underestimate the power of what two hands could do and achieve. This talented artist, Hiné Mizushima, who was born and raised in Japan, majored in Japanese traditional painting before working as a designer and Illustrator in Tokyo. She later moved to Rome, then Paris, and then NYC. Thirteen years ago, she left New York for Vancouver, Canada, where she lives with her family. She is currently a slow crafter, needle felter, miniature collage artist, Hiné-Kogin embroidered, and stop-motion animation video artist.

Find more about Hiné Mizushima's work here and on Behance

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