Konica Pop - 3D and Motion Design

In November 2020, Thibaut Crepelle came across an eye flashing lil compact film camera, the Konica Pop, the yellow one (coolest one). Thibaut completely fell in love with its design, its vibrancy and instantly bought it, because he knew a little bit about that camera.

For 50$ in 1982, you could buy one of the 8 different colorways. The Konica Pop was quite popular during the eighties, although the overall specs of this compact are quite shitty to be honest, even for 1980's standards. But hey ! So cute! Today, the Khaki green and the pink one are the rarest, the others are still quite common in flea markets. If you have the khaki or the pink one, I could be in for a kidney swap, just FYI.

In January Thibaut noticed the camera was accumulating dust and felt like needed to create something for this cool little camera, and it was the perfect opportunity to create one of his first well-managed personal projects. 

Using Daniel Danielsson (yeah that's his real name) excellent course, "The Process Of Motion" to apply his project management techniques and creative thinking tips in his personal workflow, so he could absorb those better and apply them later on in my future freelance projects.

References and clay render

Breakdown and Stills

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