Last Minute Gifts (and things I know I won't get): Gogoro EEYO 1

After all these years I never felt any need to get a bicycle. I have a nice Fuji road bike since 2011 and it’s been very reliable and fun to ride - I am not a biker that gets all geared up on weekends, I just like to bike. The biggest issue for me has been the fact I live in a hilly area, that adds an extra challenge not so much on my legs, but more related to my motivation to just go for a bike ride. That’s why the idea of an electric bike has been growing on me, the issue was that most of them, personally , were just too ugly. Well, until I saw the Gogoro EEYO 1. Now all I want for Christmas is that but I am pretty sure Santa’s budget won’t cover the almost 5k price tag. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful and well-crafted e-bike from the photos. Check it out at


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