Le Condé, Punch & Cocktail Bar Branding

Marçal Prats shared a super complete and beautiful branding project on Behance. As Marçal describes the project it was done for the Hyatt Regency Chantilly Hotel, the home to Le Condé, Punch & Cocktail Bar. Le Condé is a felted lounge with extravagant touches, where to chat, have fun and share signature punches and cocktails. The drink menu has unique and surprising recipes which vary according to the seasons.

The eccentric atmosphere of Le Condé is a homage to the historical figure of Louis, Prince de Condé (1621–1686). He organised a courtly life in the adjacent Château de Chantilly that was as vibrant as that of Versailles, inviting all the greatest artists of his time.


Inspiration – Louis, Grand Condé à Château de Chantilly

Typograhy – Exquisite Baroque quirkiness

Dulcinea is a sophisticated Baroque revival: complex, intricate yet contemporary. In combination with Revista Inline and its classic feel, adds the whimsy touch that connects with Le Condé vibe. Zahrah has French fashion elegance while offering excellent readability.

Color palette – Condé Diamond Pink & Chantilly Forest Green




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