Lights & Crystals 3D Inspired by Incidence of Light in the Materials

DSORDER shared a minimal artwork collection, inspired by the sensitive way that music inspires us. The images are created in 3Ds Max with Corona Render , looking for the incidence of light in the materials. They also have this retro/80s look. I remember growing up and seeing a lot of work inspired by the same theme, perhaps it’s because the mysterious way light travels to different materials showing the range of colors on its spectrum. I really don’t know. What I do know is that the work is beautiful and it’s a limited edition - numbered and signed prints available soon at DSORDER.COM - Music by Jon Hopkins - Emerald Rush

Lights & Crystals 0.1

Poster Available soon at dsorder shop - Music by Maribou State - Varkala

Lights & Crystals 0.2

Poster Available soon at dsorder shop - Music by M83 - Goodbye captain Lee

Lights & Crystals 0.3

Poster Available soon at dsorder shop

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