Motion Design & Graphics Language - Deserve Cards

Tendril Studio has collaborated with Deserve Cards to develop a Motion Graphics and 3D Visual Language that represents the core values of their brand. The project was aimed at expanding their design system to create a more engaging and visually appealing experience for their customers.

The team at Tendril delved deep into the Deserve universe and created a set of animations and static images that showcase the brand's core concepts and features. The project highlights four fundamental values of Deserve Cards- Flexibility and Customizability, Data Intelligence, Mobile Centricity, and Platform Depth.

The Motion Graphics and 3D Visual Language created by Tendril are a testament to the studio's exceptional skill in crafting immersive brand experiences. Each animation and image has been designed to highlight the core values of Deserve Cards in a visually stunning and compelling way.

In addition to the motion graphics and 3D visual language, Tendril also developed a series of typographic animations that explore the same core concepts. These animations are modular, allowing them to be used for different applications and formats, providing Deserve Cards with more flexibility and versatility in their marketing campaigns.

The project is a testament to Tendril's ability to create innovative and captivating brand experiences. The Motion Graphics and 3D Visual Language developed for Deserve Cards not only showcase the brand's values but also provide an engaging and immersive experience for customers.

In conclusion, Tendril's collaboration with Deserve Cards to create a Motion Graphics and 3D Visual Language is a fantastic example of how creativity and innovation can transform a brand's identity. The project highlights the importance of a cohesive design system in creating an immersive and engaging customer experience.

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