Motion Design for Town Portal Vanitas

Gabriele Calvi shared a motion design project for the music video made for Vanitas is a free interpretation of a common sleep cycle with the aim of visually representing the dark and eerie sounds of the song. Hence the choice of the subject of “sleep” which, conceived as the most death-like everyday experience, allowed to trace the obscure and nocturnal atmosphere of the track, without sticking too much to the usual imagery associated with heavy music.

Anatomical representations, abstract settings, folkloristic figures, nightmares and still lives ( vanitas ) follow one another unceasingly to emphasize the complex structure of the song by creating continuous rhythmic-visual correspondences.

A journey where the protagonist and his consciousness ( the red sphere ) go through the five phases of sleep, from falling asleep to the catharsis of the REM phase, interrupted by an experience of sleep paralysis and followed by a turbulent awakening that brings the protagonist back to reality, in the dawn of a generic city in a day like any other.

Listen to Town Portal here


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