Muse & Co. Outdoors Takes #Vanlife to Next Level With Sustainable Design Top of Mind

In March of 2020, we were all blindsided by the pandemic and there’s no doubt we’ve all learned to pivot and adapt both professionally and personally. On the professional front, you may still have the luxury to work from home which also means anyplace with a solid WiFi connection (hello digital nomads). On the personal front, you’ve likely explored new ways to unwind and disconnect while also staying safe during the pandemic (hello #vanlife). We’re excited to feature an amazing story of maximizing the unexpected trend of remote work by Muse & Co., an Oakland, California-based design firm that blends art and architecture to create immersive spaces. 

As the world went on lockdown, so too did the entire Muse & Co. team. The trusty Sprinter vans used to make deliveries for big name clients like Google and Facebook pre-pandemic started collecting cobwebs. As the team began adapting to this new normal an idea was born leveraging said cobweb riddled Sprinter vans as their newest immersive project dubbed Muse & Co. Outdoors. Muse & Co. Outdoors can only be classified as #vanlife in overdrive delivering the most intuitive and sustainably designed Sprinter van you’ll see on the road today. 

We had the true honor of enjoying a behind the scenes peek at the Muse & Co. Outdoors fabrication shop in Alameda, CA led by founder and CEO Noah Veneklasan. We're excited to spotlight the sustainability aspects of these gorgeous, thoughtfully designed vans including Marmoleum flooring, sustainably harvested pine wood siding, Havelock Wool insulation, zero-VOC paint and cabinetry finishes, and PaperStone countertops made from recycled paper products. 

As parents and humans, we take responsibility to use high-quality, environmentally sustainable products whenever possible

Color and material palettes inspired by some of the Muse & Co. team's favorite places in California

Havelock Wool checks all the boxes when it comes to camper van insulation properties. It is fire-resistant, noise-mitigating, naturally moisture-regulating, and it is an extremely effective and efficient insulator.

Muse & Co. Outdoors uses sustainably harvested woods throughout their builds. There is no difference in quality or durability between sustainably-harvested lumber and lumber that is harvested using methods that harm the earth. All shiplap siding is made exclusively from FSC-Certified pine wood. 

Even materials like countertops can work to support, rather than degrade, our environment. Muse & Co. Outdoors vans utilize Paperstone countertops  which are derived from recycled paper products and non-petroleum resin.

Flooring tends to be one of the first materials to go into a van build, and it’s also a ‘make it or break it’ decision point when it comes to the sustainability of a camper van build. Many flooring options contain toxic compounds or natural materials that are harvested unsustainably. Muse & Co. Outdoors uses Marmoleum flooring in all of its builds. Marmoleum is a durable flooring material derived from linseed oil, which comes from flax seeds.

Check out more inspiration from the Muse & Co. Outdoors team here and learn more about #vanlife here. And if you're ready to make home where you park it you can learn more about building your very own van here.

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