#NFT Watchers — Get you started in 2022

Hello, hope everyone had enjoyed their break! What are your resolutions this year? If NFTs are under your radar, you should scroll down, bookmark this article, and share it with your peers! I have been diving into the subject since April and more seriously for the past couple of months. As you probably noticed on your social feeds, media, and so on. NFTs are popping everywhere! It's booming and it's quite an experience to keep track of everything going on. So I decided to introduce — NFT Watchers. I am still unsure about the formula yet but I wanted to share a couple of interesting projects that we have featured on abdz and others that might be of your interest too.


If you are new to NFTs, a piece of advice would be to research, research, and research. It's super important to take the time to inform yourself about the project, the team, their end-goals and interact with the community as well. It's easy to jump on the 'hype machine' and ended up doing a bad investment. And I have to admit in general whenever you interact with any communities, people are really nice and you might end up having a good time. Hate to say this but watch for those scammers as well. Be careful always.

NFT Watchers - Upcoming Releases


Invisible Friends

Cat Bricks Clubhouse

Live on Opensea

Yung Ape Squad Official

Multi-century inter-species warfare has left a handful of survivors from the Ape population. To reverse engineer their extinction and ignite an uproar, adult Apes hid their younglings amongst different parts of the cosmos. Join the Yung Ape Squad and become a member of the rebellion

CryptoApes Official

6,969 CryptoApes ready to unite the BAYC and CryptoPunk communities. Not affiliated with Yuga Labs or Larva Labs.

HPPRS Collection

HPPRS is a 8000 piece generative collection by @shakkablood. Each HPPR is isolated and rendered 1 by 1.

Bad Face Bots

5555 Bad Face Bots on the Ethereum blockchain. Our BFBS arrive on a post-apocalyptic Earth, only to find it covered in trash left behind by humans. Altering these forgotten objects to their own use, our BFBS adapt to a new lifestyle as they acclimate to a world left behind.

CROAKZ by McGill!

CROAKZ are a collection of 6969 small amphibious creatures that vibe in a bog and croak at the moon. Each CROAK has a crafted feel of excellence, and displays an artistry that fills the imagination with wonder. Some of them can be licked, but of course caution is recommended.


A collection of 4200 unique NFTs chilling on the Tezos Blockchain.

Cover Image by HAPEBEAST

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