Nizo S 800 Braun Super 8 built-in 3D - Digital Art

The iconic Nizo S 800 Braun Super 8 was made in Germany by Niezoldi & Krämer / Braun. This thing is a beautiful piece of history, one of the best super8 cameras ever built. This camera is gorgeous in terms of design, usability and how cool you used to look when filming. We are featuring the 3D creation by Jason Zigrino who built the Nizo S 800 right from scratch with Maxon Cinema 4D, ArionFX, Fusion 360 and Redshift3D. The result is magnificent and we had to find a slot to share this 3D achievement. Just take a look at the details, the dials, the font used and everything. Just wow!

One In A While Renders № 47: Nizo S 800 Braun Super 8. Cinema 4D and Autodesk Fusion 360 for hard surface modeling and Redshift 3D for rendering. Photoshop with ArionFX and After Effects for color grading.

Cinema 4D

About Jason Zigrino

Jason Zigrino is a digital artist & designer based in Bradenton, Florida. I am surprised we have never featured Jason's work, it's filled with 3D mixed with industrial design. Make sure to check out his Behance for more.

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