HOOF branding by Uniforma Studio

Uniforma Studio shared a branding and visual identity for HOOF, a brand creating thoughtful solutions for office spaces.  Office interior design is all about interaction. Interaction between people and objects around. That’s why flat elements from architectural projections and elements in 3D illustrations interpenetrate creating new value. Having that in mind, a logo itself shows two seats on the opposite sides of a table – a simple illustration of a meeting.  

HOOF is a new brand that wanted to start operating by distributing Vitra as one of the main brands. They wanted to be associated with Swiss simple, elegant design. That’s why we started with minimalistic compositions using Suisse Int’ from Swiss Typefaces. Other elements came after.  

Color palette came from colors of fabrics of furniture they sell. Then we made a selection and brightened up the colors a lot to keep typography as the main element of the compositions.

Company owners trusted us at every stage of building their brand: from strategy and copywriting through visual identity, digital and printed promotional materials to the website.


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