Top Three Visual Trends of 2021 from Behance

Today, Adobe released Behance’s Top Three Visual Trends of 2021, highlighting core trends that captivated the creative community in 2021. The Adobe team surveyed hundreds of the most appreciated projects on Behance to identify and showcase these key trends along with inspiring creatives for the year ahead.

This year’s top visual trends for creatives are:


Tangerine Orange
Creatives, like Marina Veziko and Eduardo de Floresta, are opting for bright and bold tangerine orange to embody hopefulness for the future and create hints of drama. 


Voluminous Forms
Pillowy surfaces and organic shapes create a sense of warmth and welcome in graphic design, 3D and illustration, such as Microsoft’s Flipgrid Backgrounds.


Approachable Characters
Branding and packaging designs that feature friendly faces, like Sorwait Opapongphun’s design for Pan-Pan donuts, are on the rise - bringing familiarity and comfort in times of uncertainty. 

Additional details are available on the Adobe blog and the featured projects can be viewed on the Best of 2021 Moodboard. You can see some visual examples below too.

Image created using Behance. Pauli & Sisters branding by Marina Veziko

Two images created using Behance. Collision by Eduardo da Floresta.

Image created using Behance. Microsoft Flipgrids Backgrounds by Yambo Studio, Andrey Poleshko, Danil Tabacari, Microsoft Design and Nando Costa.

Image created using Behance. Forma by Valentina Zigangirova.

Collage of images created using Behance. Character designs by Antony Orozco.

Image created using Behance. Pan-Pan branding and packaging designs by Sorawit Opapongphun.

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