Daily NFT Spotlight — Jeff Aphisit

We would like to introduce a new series titled: 'Daily NFT Spotlight'. For those, who remember this is an experimental shift from the popular 'Daily Inspirations' that we used to publish a couple of years ago. As you have probably noticed, NFTs are booming. We have been boiling up the 'Weekly Spotlight' and the 'NFTs of the Week' but they are so many projects, artists out there. With this massive avalanche, how about we rework the 'daily inspiration' into the 'Daily NFT Spotlight' where we would feature projects, artists that we would like to mention on a day-to-day basis. With no further due, let's kick it off with Jeff Aphisit and his insane illustrations style that super inspiring and colorful.

Daily NFT Spotlight


Jeff Aphisit is an artist and illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand. Make sure to follow his work at his Foundation.

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