Exploring Wild's Unique Branding and Visual Identity

Discover how Wild's branding and visual identity merge design and lifestyle, creating an artistic vision for the wild at heart. Explore this unique branding journey.

In the dynamic world of design, where creativity meets function, Wild stands out with its distinctive approach to branding and visual identity. Designed by MOQO (http://www.moqo.be/), Wild transitions from being a mere furniture maker to an emblematic fusion of a design label and a lifestyle brand. This transformation is not just a change in perception but a reinvention of the brand's core identity.

Wild's strategy positions it as a youthful label with an artistic vision. The brand ethos is all about transforming a space into a lifestyle of freedom and wonder. This vision appeals to the "wild at heart" – those who are captivated by unique beauty and seek to embody the spirit of Wild through its objects. The meaningful baseline "Live the design" sets Wild apart in a crowded market, distinguishing it from traditional furniture makers.

The visual identity of Wild is a serene and stylish affair. The logo's organic curves symbolize relaxation and release. A palette combining alabaster cream with granite gray and a subtle green accent reflects the natural materials used in Wild's creations. An orange signature on each piece not only adds a unique touch but also becomes a hallmark in the brand's identity.

Photography plays a pivotal role in conveying the enigmatic Wild vibe. Each image, centered around the object, allows the viewer – the potential customer – to interpret and fill in the blanks. This approach adds a layer of mystique and personal connection to the brand.

Beyond visuals, Wild ensures a comprehensive brand experience. From web design and social media to an array of brand carriers and gadgets, every element is thoughtfully designed to warm customers to the unique, intangible feeling that Wild offers.

In summary, Wild's branding and visual identity is a masterclass in how design can transcend mere aesthetics to embody a lifestyle and philosophy. It's a journey that invites not just admiration, but participation – a true testament to the power of thoughtful branding.

Branding and visual identity artifacts

Branding artifact Header image for WILD Branding artifact Logo animation old to new for WILD Branding artifact Color palette for WILD Branding artifact E-mail signature design for WILD with product photo Branding artifact Stationary design for WILD Branding artifact Photography mood for WILD Branding artifact Print design for WILD Branding artifact Merchandise design for WILD Branding artifact Website design for WILD Branding artifact Social media design for WILD Branding artifact Vehicle lettering design for WILD Branding artifact Merchandise design for WILD Branding artifact Packaging design for WILD Branding artifact Outdoor billboard design for WILD

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