Paper Olympics Athletes by Raya Sader Bujana

This is the time of the year, all the super athletes from around the world sprint to the mega world organization, the Olympics. An event that creates competition, teamwork, and years of testing their body to the max for that day. Now with the pandemic, the World is on standby and no one is exempt from it, even those athletes that bet everything they have for this day. 2020 push back Tokyo Olympics to summer 2021, and then again we weren't sure if it's still going to happen. Time will tell and in the meantime, why don't we give a little appreciation of their hard work, they probably mentally drained and physically exhausted from all of this.

Here's to Raya Sader Bujana, an Art Director and Paper Artist that had put together a series of the paper athlete in motion, focusing mainly on the body silhouette and performance, that what sport is all about, testing our body to the max, driving to perfection, pushing to reach the podium and her papercraft show us through it perfectly.


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