POP Furniture & Decor Paint — Branding & Art Direction

Parsons Branding shared a branding and visual identity for POP Furniture & Decor Paint. Launch a challenger chalk paint brand that appeals to a younger craftsperson, inspiring them to try DIY, add color to their life and transform more of their projects themselves.

branding  graphic design  ILLUSTRATION  Photography branding  graphic design  ILLUSTRATION  Photography

The Process

Working with a long-standing client whose distribution business we’d serviced for over a decade, we were able to fast-track when imagining what their own product would look like, creating a user-friendly brand that would reveal the creativity in everyone.

branding  graphic design  ILLUSTRATION  Photography

The Outcome

A bold, playful matte paint for makers looking to create. Not only does Pop unleash creativity, its simplicity allows creatives in South Africa to play in a safe and satisfying way.

branding  graphic design  ILLUSTRATION  Photography

Brand Identity

Seeking to uplift, Pop’s a reminder to always look on the bright side of life. The identity is fun, vibrant and practical, drawing the customer in with a smile and employing a light touch that enhances the brand experience. It’s this memorable experience achieved through quirky humor, practical service and visual elegance that makes an impact.


To reiterate the crafty nature of the product, we employ detailed, hand-rendered illustration with texture that evokes paint strokes and multiple colors to show the diversity of the offering. It’s this bespoke, eye-catching layer to the identity that seeks to stimulate the imagination and promote creativity.

branding  graphic design  ILLUSTRATION  Photography


With either contrast dominating or tonal execution, close attention is paid to elevating the product colors through photography. The hyper-real subject matter adds to the impression of spontaneity, improvisation and bold creativity – giving the work an authentic feel. These surrealistic motifs showcase the product offering through composed shoots that display Pop’s versatility and customizable attributes.

branding  graphic design  ILLUSTRATION  Photography


Like everything else Pop, our packaging has been designed to make an impact using bold color with careful consideration paid to combining complementary hues. Accessories are similarly designed to stand out on shelf, eschewing the typical hardware store aesthetic for a much more designful approach. Because this is a DIY brand, packaging provides whatever information a customer may require to fulfil their DIY needs. Friendly and useful, that’s Pop.

branding  graphic design  ILLUSTRATION  Photography

Print Collateral

Sharing the quirky, off-beat, non-conventional creativity inherent to Pop, stylistic quirks encourage exploration with upbeat, service-led content seeking to uplift and empower. Ultimately we are able to communicate in a way that entices the senses and evokes emotions through color and tactility – encouraging creativity in its boldest forms.

branding  graphic design  ILLUSTRATION  Photography

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