Procreate announced its 2019 Art Prize Winners

The kind folks from Procreate have announced their 2019 art winners where they challenge artists to explore the concept of ‘Contrast’ in all its complex shades, and light, of meaning. With ground-breaking canvas the resolution, 136 incredible brushes, and more. Procreate is a solid application that allows artists and digital creatives to do enhance their day-to-day workflow. You should definitely check out this year's lineup of winners and take part in the community if you wanna share your work and learn from others.

Procreate announced its 2019 Art Prize Winners

In their words

This year, the Art Prize received an incredible response from artists all over the globe, with thousands of entries submitted.

Grand Prize

Procreate announced its 2019 Art Prize WinnersSelf Saborage by Nas

The Grand Prize for 2019 of $5000 USD is awarded to Nas for her work ‘Self Sabotage’. This brave portrait is a deserving winner for its striking portrayal of the light and dark within us all. Strong surrealist technique combined with the clever use of layers meant this piece embraced the theme of ‘Contrast’ in a way that instantly leaps out.

Second Prize

Procreate announced its 2019 Art Prize WinnersVisiting Hour by Ayda

The Second Prize of $2,000 USD goes to Ayda for the piece ‘Visiting Hours’, one of the most challenging pieces we’ve encountered in the Art Prize. This work explores the nature of ‘Contrast’ in unexpected, rich and multi-faceted ways – from the visual and emotional contrast of the characters, to the use of a simple illustrative style to depict a complex subject matter. Visiting Hours will spark dialogue and ignite passions – and that is exactly what great art is supposed to do.

Developer's Choice

Procreate announced its 2019 Art Prize WinnersGood night, weird guy by Cantashi

At first glance it’s easy to dismiss Cantashi’s ‘Good Night Weird Guy’, but the Procreate developers kept on coming back and finding more and more little details in work. These details reveal a narrative piece by piece that once complete is both rewarding and highly entertaining. Once seen it cannot be unseen, and you’ll wonder how you ever missed it.

About Procreate

Procreate is the most powerful sketching, painting and illustration app ever designed for a mobile device. Built for creative professionals, this complete artist’s toolbox helps you create expressive sketches, inspiring paintings, and stunning illustrations anywhere you are.

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