Project 365- Daily 3D Challenge

Hussain Almossawi shared a incredible set of 3D explorations that were part of his process as a designer to challenge himself on a daily basis to be more creative. He set a goal to create a series of abstract, futuristic, and surreal looking still frames using different techniques and methods. Each image evokes a different kind of emotion and different visual experience.

The explorations fall under different categories, playing around with different particle systems, cloth simulations, fluids, and static objects. The exercise was also great to work with different 3D programs such as 3D Max and Houdini, as well as different renders such as Vray and Red Shift. Finally, the renders are also a great way to explore material finishes, colors, and lighting setups.

The beauty of this project and process is that not only will it teach you a lot, or allow you to see the growth that you have achieved over a years time, but it has also opened many doors and got me some really interesting projects with some pretty big brands in the industry. What you might have done in an hour and posted on Instagram, could result in getting you an amazing project. And even better, when you get the project, you know exactly how to do it since you’ve gone through the learning process.

The process is a beautiful intersection between science, technology, and art, where I examine and analyze the behavior of forces, simulations, patterns in nature, and bring them to life through a digital form. The final results would sometimes break the boundaries and hack what they would


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