Surrealist 3D Compositions for a Surrealistic Reality 

Imagine if a seer or a psychic told you that the new decade would start with a massive pandemic and that all the non-essential business would be shut down. What would you think? I would definitely think it’s pure bull crap. The funny thing is that we all those things happening, all but the psychic part. The truth is, everything feels too surreal, too much like a Hollywood movie. That concerning part is that the movie is not even halfway through. There won’t be a back to normal. If you are waiting for that I would beg you to stop. What comes next, nobody knows. It will be a new normal, eventually we will all get used to it and probably ask ourselves the same thing once the new correction comes.

To celebrate the surreal times, nothing more appropriate that some weird 3D compositions created by Ariel Palanzone for a series called Serie/Surrealistic. It was originally published on Behance a couple years ago. It could not be a better fit for our today reality.


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