Sci-Fi Robot Character Design for Netflix's I am Mother

Joel Savage 3D modeler and texture artist based in London, UK. We are sharing his work for Netflix's I am Mother, a science fiction thriller film directed by Grant Sputore. Let's take a look at this robot that took more than 6 months to build and it's not CG'ed since someone can be placed inside the suit. The designs shown here are the 3D model of the physical costume they have later built for the movie. They are a lot of details happening here, will definitely give it a watch to see Joel's work and team live in action.

I am mother robot suit built by Weta Workshop in New Zealand for the Netflix film 'I Am Mother' I was lucky to work in the position of Lead 3d modeler, working alongside two of my favourite designers, Christian Pearce and Edon Guraziu for this job

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