Switzerland Landscapes llustrations by Pierre-Abraham Rochat

Ever since moving to Switzerland, we didn't wait long to start exploring this marvelous country. we took thousands of pictures and it seems it's never enough. Even tho this country is quite small compared to what we used to live in, but I think the country is so huge in height like you look up and there those mountains, valley, waterfalls, above and below the cloud. Then you look down, there's hills, blue-ish lakes, an endless river flowing between villages and fields. Stumped across Pierre-Abraham Rochat's illustrations works and he does capture Switzerland's pure landscapes from his view and it transcends his work.

Pierre-Abraham Rochat, a freelance illustrator based in Lausanne, Switzerland, specialized in drawing and 3D illustration. You can check out his work on Instagram or get yourself one of his prints on his Website.

Image of Dent de Jaman

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