Traveling Around Food Series by Andrew Nye

Not so far from the end of 2021. It has been a challenge we have never seen and lived in. A year full of disappointment, social distancing, and the unknown future. Many kids end up doing school remotely, parents and people working from home, frontline workers are continuously saving life and putting their own lives in danger. The elderly population restraints in isolation to reduce the chances of spread, business closures resulted in many families living in poverty. And traveling got us to dream about those days when we will able to travel again, the only moment we could escape the routine is taking away from us.

We all have been daydreaming about these particular ingredients from that city, the street that led us to a historic place, people we met along the way, up and downs of the trip made us craving for more. The little comfort we get to is digging up those memories and got lost in our memories of those moments.

This series of 'Traveling around food series' from Andrew Nye is well thought, nicely executed, and satisfying. Andrew is a vector image-maker and brand designer in Manchester, UK. A big supporter of gradients, coffee, and gentle pigeon. Follow him for more awesome artworks on Instagram or his Website.



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