ANTZ xNFT brings a new way of making NFTs

Sudden appearances of unidentified spacecraft, investigative reporters, abductions of great artists, and a lot of mystery surround the ANTZ project. It is in this climate of mystery that ANTZ xNFT brings a new way of making NFTs.

The project is led by the great Adhemas Batista, one of the most respected artists globally and the winner of several awards. In addition, the team has extensive experience in design, economics, and blockchain technology.

Seeking to innovate, the project uses mystery and engaging storytelling that gradually reveals the collection's information. Its objective is to create a context to the art, giving soul and personality to the project while involving its audience.

Following its vanguard and disruptive essence, the team brings a new concept: xNFT. An experience NFT is the perfect integration of the real world and the digital world, giving prominence to its members who, through super exciting adventures around the world, will be responsible for bringing social improvements wherever ANTZ goes.

The team also promises to innovate with a new way of thinking the NFTs marketplace that will help users spend less on fees and have a more effortless transaction of their assets.

ANTZ is a project that is born strong, with a very successful team and solid long-term planning. The release is expected to be in early  December. Learn more at

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