William Morris Design Line Brand Identity

Arthur Stovell shared a brand identity project for William Morris Design Line. A local community focused design route through the streets of Walthamstow that runs as part of London Design Festival. Inspired by Morris’ statement ‘art made by the people and for the people’, this first year focuses on the local community coming together to celebrate creativity, resilience and to inspire future young creatives. This design-led route uses new and existing street art to connect different areas, alongside a series of new design collaborations, events and street interventions.


The identity is built around a simple wordmark that has been re-aligned to emphasize the already present line that becomes visible when aligning the uppercase ‘i’.

This line can then be extracted from the typography and expanded on to be used as an ownable graphic device to form patterns, iconography and stylized compositions, whether this is used functionally or decoratively.

The color palette is intentionally simple and attention grabbing. Since much of this will be running as functional signage throughout the design route, it was appropriate to have a single distinguishing color to help navigate people through the design route.

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<p>Description automatically generatedhttps://lh6.googleusercontent.com/t-BifQYR9jHVXsVmupPqjeM44k8Wg8RD5uCly…" />A sign on the side of a building</p>
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