X TS’UNU’UM — A beautiful Stop Motion

I have received news that Noelia Lozano has updated her website with new works. It was quite refreshing to dive into her latest update. For those who don't know Noelia, she is a talented image maker and art director from Spain. One project caught my eye and it was her personal work she did when she was teaching at ESDIR on their 25th day of Design. Titled 'X TS’UNU’UM', we follow her dope work on a stop motion of a hummingbird known as x ts’unu’um, a Mayan legend. You gotta appreciate its purity and vivid colours. Make sure to check out her website and follow her social feeds.

The hummingbird also know as x ts’unu’um as the Mayan legend,says that the gods were creating all things on Earth and while doing so, to each animal, each tree and each stone commissioned him a job. But when they had finished, they noticed that there was no one responsible for carrying their wishes and thoughts from one place to another.




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