Italians Who Design: a repository to showcase Italians work to the world

Italians Who Design is a showcase of the most talented Italian designers out there. It aims to help people find notable and relevant voices to inspire others, increase and diversify their network and (why not?) to find someone to work with. There is a number of Italian designers that are working abroad designing products used by millions that are less known in the international scenario as they deserve.

It’s inspired by Fabricio Teixeira’s article about ‘Brazilians Who Design’, an amazing project to showcase talented Brazilian design portfolios. However, you may have already faced similar websites, for example:

We have a long history of amazing Italian designers and our style is well known all around the world, so it made sense to create Italians Who Design.

Sharing and evolving

Starting from the first shares, we discussed a lot about how detailed and atomic we should go by listing the different roles. We decided to keep it as simple as possible with the hope that people's links (and portfolios) will help tell the full story, so we started with these categories: UX/Product, Branding, Graphic, Motion, and Illustration.

We are still discussing, but it is quite possible that we will add a few other categories as Writing, Industrial, and Research as the list grows. There is still a long way to go before we reach a final state but this is the funny part about building something new.


Italians Who Design was created by Andrea Paci and Alessandro Greco, but the inspiration came from Brazilians Who Design, we really want to thank Fabricio and Zeh who helped us a lot before the launch.

We hope you enjoy the site and please, if you know Italian designers that are not yet part of the list, nominate them filling the form here or share the link to our website.

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