Let it Shine by Débora Abreu

Débora Abreu is a Brazilian singer and composer living in Canada and as most of us, she has been trying to adapt to the craziness of a pandemic world. As Debora describes “since the pandemic started, my anxiety attacks have gotten worse, and following my husband's suggestion, I started practicing  mindfulness  and meditation everyday. I did that for around one year, everyday, sometimes more than once on the same day. Guess what? That started to unlock my creativity. — it also reminds me the same issue I had and that let me to create Calmaria.app (shameless plug)

Debora released an entire album in Portuguese back in 2015. “I can't really say songwriting is new for me, but nothing brought me so much peace and calm as composing pieces for solo piano. I'm not the person who listens to instrumental songs, but creating piano songs started a new relaxation inside of me that helped me to relax, and help other people to relax.” — adds Debora. 

...releasing your art, you also release your mind to new things...

She has learned that releasing your art, you also release your mind to new things. This piece "Let it Shine" was created when she was taking a shower. “I couldn't stop thinking about this melody so I ran to the piano, played it and felt calm and peaceful while I was playing it”. Creativity and relaxation work both ways, you need to be calm and relaxed to produce, and when you create something, you'll become calm and relaxed again. 

So, the key about creativity is the pause, the rest. Listen to the sounds around you, observe the colors, experience the wind and the movement of the trees. Sometimes what we really need to unlock our creativity is a small break everyday.

“I already have a few songs that I'm working on, but again, and I hope those songs can help you to find your own peace and creativity.”

In case you want to check it out you can listen it on all major streaming platforms:

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