Santi Zoraidez - New Normality Reel

Santi Zoraidez shared a collection of his best 3D work done in 2020. I am personally a fan of his incredible designs. I actually try to recreate some of them to learn 3D. Disclaimer, they never look even closer to his. That’s why I really love to feature any update from Santi. Plus I really relate to what he wrote for the description of this project, quoted below from Behance.

It has been a difficult year for all of us. A year full of complications, fears, anxiety and frustration. I feel like a landmark year, an opportunity to start over, grow and be better. Personally, I have to say that even with everything that was happening around me I have been able to do great things and I am grateful for that. Things that seemed difficult to achieve at the beginning of the year. That's why I wanted to make this edit with a selection of the best work I have been doing during the last years. As a full stop and move to the next step from here. I've lost 20kg and am running almost every day on the beach in Barcelona, the city I've dreamed of living in for a long time. It feels great how ideas come to mind again as I do it. 

New Normality Reel


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