Hail to Reyna Noriega

At this moment around the world and during this health crisis, feminism opposition and black matter controversy, when one thing wasn't enough, many things happen together, and hope is on a fine line. Will we ever see this light at the end of the tunnel? As much as I want to say "Yes, very soon!", and the reality of it depends on humanity to be able to unify and look at each other like one. We all express it out in our way and words to transcend the message to raised awareness.

Reyna Noriega is 27 of age, she can reach a greater audience with her illustration art; as a visual artist, photographer, motivator, and inspiring woman that started her own business and able to touch everyone's heart with her meaningful and powerful art. She is sending a message within her bold clean lines, warm color palette, and modern strokes.

Follow her on Instagram at @reynanoriega_ or shop her goods at www.reynanoriega.com


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