McDonald's x Spotify's Frieslist: Transform your fries into music

DPZ&T, Brazil and Leo Burnett are behind a very cool initiative in Latin America alongside with sound producer Lucha Libre to produce a campaign that turns your McDonald's fries into a Spotify playlist. On the food trays that you would find inside participating McDonald's, customers are invited to place their McFries on printed outlines and some eating will be required too. So everything will have to be shortened to fit the shapes on the paper from the food tray. There is a little bit of a learning curve but using the Spotify app, users are invited to scan the code on the tray liner to call up a playlist named "FriesList" containing themed tracks for example.

McDonald’s is always looking for more fun and surprising experiences for our customers. Why not bring that to the tray liners, a platform that reaches thousands of consumers every day in the restaurants? Idea. We brought together fries and music to create a delicious experience.

Advertising & Creative Direction


  • Advertising Agencies: DPZ&T, Brazil / Leo Burnett
  • Colombia General Creative Director DPZ&T: Rafael Urenha
  • Executive Creative Director DPZ&T: Carlos Schleder, Sergio Mugnaini
  • Creatives DPZ&T: Raphael Lucone, Thomaz Dantas, Giampietro Zanon, Bruno Landi, Vinicius Curi
  • General Creative Director Leo Burnett Colômbia: Mauricio Sarmiento
  • Executive Creative Director Leo Burnett Colômbia: Pablo Acosta
  • Creatives Leo Burnett Colômbia: Carolina Arias

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