Mockups that don't look like anything else: Bendito Mockup's explores contemporary urban aesthetics

K1NK1, the new collection by Spanish creatives Bendito Mockup, is inspired by the imaginary of the city and popular culture, creating quirky and unusual mockups

"In the world of mockups, the aesthetic of neutrality predominates. It makes sense that this is the case: a mockup must adapt to very different designs" explains Andrea Kaiser, co-founder of Bendito Mockup. "The big drawback is that, because of this, many art directions are left unexplored in this area. Our goal is to delve into these possibilities, assuming the risk that this entails”.

The project of these young designers was born in 2021, in the city of Granada, in the south of Spain. From the start, Bendito Mockup's mission was clearly formulated: to join the dots between art, photography and design through art directions with identity and character, allowing the creative community to multiply the impact of their work. 

T-shirt and bucket hat mockup from K1NK1 Collection.

These values can be seen in the K1NK1 Collection: a set of 102 mockups placed in the most peculiar scenarios. From posters coming out of the hood of a car to books placed in a refrigerator, this collection is an imaginative exercise that will delight the most provocative designers. "We realised that, despite the relevance of urban aesthetics in contemporary culture, there were no mockups that reflected this trend”, says Alberto Rodriguez, co-founder of the project. In this sense, metallic surfaces, shiny objects and the rotundity of concrete give shape to a set of mockups that are ideal for projects related to art, fashion or sports. One of the great innovations of the collection is the strong presence of various textile objects (such as tote bags or bucket hats), presented in unusual environments or unexpected angles.

Book mockup from K1NK1 Collection.

Book mockup from K1NK1 Collection.

A-format mockup from K1NK1 Collection.

K1NK1 Collection is also a statement of intent: made in collaboration with photographer Toni Kuraga, the proposal defends the possibility of generating projects of international scope from a small city like Granada. "We believe that it is possible to carry out a creative project, with explicit features of our local culture, and that precisely because of its strength it can have relevance worldwide," says co-founder Álvaro Rodríguez. For K1NK1, photographer Toni Kuraga was in charge of creating the images for the project: "We like to collaborate with creatives from our immediate surroundings: it's a way of supporting the talent around us and promoting artists whose work we admire”, says Alberto Rodríguez. Indeed, the growth of Bendito Mockup has been exponential in recent months, with its resources being used by professionals and agencies of international reference such as Studio Nari, Studio SPGD, Pangram Pangram or Quim Marin Studio

Jumper mockup from K1NK1 Collection.

Poster mockup from K1NK1 Collection.

Bucket hat mockup from K1NK1 Collection.

Poster mockup from K1NK1 Collection.

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