Moka Clube - Barrel Aged Rocket Fuel

Diego Carneiro shared a branding and packaging design project called Moka Clube - Barrel that hits home for this coffee-loving Brazilian. This, my friends, is real coffee. Twice Brazilian, it is the most unique marriage of coffee + liquor we’ve come across. These are coffees aged in wooden barrels where excellent whiskeys, wines, rum and, of course, cachaça rested before, because nothing is more Brazilian than good coffee and cachaça. The product within the package brings a different point of view, not only being a prize winner amongst heavy hitters, it's different processes of production always deliver that well deserved happy hour feel.

The packaging with handmade letterings and illustrations, tells the history of coffee in Brazil

At the forefront of farm to table, Moka Club is the first subscription service for specialty coffees in Brazil. In 2012 when special coffee was only exported, Moka Club was born as a manifest: Brazilian coffee for Brazilians, with the purpose of distributing the best coffee in the world within the national territory. Rich in different terroirs, Brazil stands out for the wide range of possible flavors for the coffee beans it produces. This abundance is due to the unique natural capacity that the country has in the soil, this land of immense fruitfulness and cultivation makes the job of hunting the best coffees even more exciting and not monotonous, making the endless search for different flavor profiles our great challenge.

The packaging with handmade letterings and illustrations, tells the history of coffee in Brazil, has an older language and reference in the Victorian period, rich in ornaments and details. It’s like discovering a special package that had been forgotten for decades in your grandmother's attic. That's it, this coffee is a time machine itself, it is a coffee unlike any other coffee you've ever tasted, it's an experience. Opening this can is like stimulating your senses, from contact to aroma and finally the taste...and to enjoy in moderation of course!

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