Monospace Inspiration - Oikon Hospitality

Oikon Hospitality is responsible for the financial management and development of hotel units. What Loonatiks Design Crew found in their research, was that the competitors’ websites looked like hotels websites, large beautiful images of well-designed lobby pools and rooms, something that confused us as observers about what was their work object. "Our clients wanted to showcase their expertise in fund management, number specialization, statistics and financial analysis". 

With that in mind the great designers over at Loonatiks applied this concept to the design by using Fira Mono, a monospace font used by developers in writing webpage code. 

We incorporated infographics and statistics, while the blog was designed to run on a horizontal bar to resemble stock market tables. Colorwise we used black, white, blue and its negative colour, yellow which belongs to the basic colour palette of financial data and programming languages. The website is fully responsive, SEO based and the fact that we didn’t use images makes the page very light and loads fast on all devices.

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