Monthly Portfolio Inspiration with Semplice

Hi! I’m Tobias van Schneider. I’m the co-founder of Semplice, a portfolio system by designers for designers. We’re teaming up with Abduzeedo to share inspiring design portfolios each month. Here we’ll curate the best online portfolios from artists, art directors, 3D artists, illustrators, design studios and more  – all created from scratch using Semplice.

Web Design Inspiration

Elena Miska

We thought we couldn’t love Elena Miska’s site more, but then she launched her redesign. The vintage-inspired hover effects on her projects, the way her logo animates on scroll, the beautiful new case studies. It’s the perfect example of a portfolio evolving with the designer and the industry.

Edu Torres

Edu Torres makes use of the Semplice video hover effects to showcase his 3D work for clients like &Walsh and Camel. His project pages include include full-screen cover images and videos with concise case studies. With work this good, he doesn’t need to do much more. 

Jessica McGowan

With confidence comes simplicity, and Jessica McGowan’s portfolio demonstrates that perfectly. A simple bio greets us on the homepage with a list of projects beneath. Her case studies include a brief introduction with images that fade in on scroll. I only wish she included more details about her projects, so we can understand the project challenge and she solved it.

Julien Lozingue

Julien’s homepage features his diverse range of work in a simple grid, from 3D experiments to photography to motion projects. His About page includes a straightforward bio in large type, along with his contact and social links. It’s everything a portfolio needs to be – nothing more, nothing less.

Marcelo Ribeiro

Marcelo Rubio doesn’t settle for a standard grid on his homepage. Instead, his projects float in overtop his homepage introduction, photos and videos layered overtop each other, giving us an enticing glimpse of the work inside. His case studies feel equally avant-garde, with plenty of white space and short descriptions that read almost like museum plaques.


Our Semplice X development team helped Moniker achieve some subtle but beautiful customizations with their new site. The full-screen homepage gallery – complete with a custom cursor – and the News page grid are our favorite parts, but the whole site is a tribute to Moniker’s polished, premium work.


I’m more focused on the work than the website with Microbian’s portfolio, which is exactly how it should be. I especially appreciate the “behind the scenes” sections in his case studies, giving us insight into his illustration process.

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